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Covidien 176657
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The Endo Clip II ML clip applier contains 20 titanium clips.

The appliers are designed for introduction and use through all appropriately sized trocar sleeves, or larger sized trocar sleeves with the use of an appropriate converter.

Single use clip applier with medium – large Super Interlock titanium clips.

Features of 10 mm Pistol Grip

  • Super Interlock clips.
  • Cholangio-zone feature allows partial closing and release of clip.
  • Surgeon-controlled clip loading allows placement of clip in jaw only when instrument is ready to be fired.
  • Glare-resistant shaft and black jaw with clear clip window.
  • Safety-interlock handle design.

Benefits of 10 mm Pistol Grip

  • More secure fixation of clip to tissue provides greater ligation security.
  • Facilitates cholangiograms by securing catheter in cystic duct while allowing for dye administration and later clip removal.
  • Helps prevent dropped or mis-aligned clips during instrument exchange or tissue manipulation.
  • Matte black (or gray) shaft minimizes endoscope glare, while clear window allows visibility to number of clips left in cartridge.
  • Prevents damage to tissue by preventing jaw closure when instrument is empty.
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