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Mindray M5 Ultrasound
Weight : 6,30 kg
Price : USD 5.000,00
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The M5 Ultrasound delivers a full range of functionality in a portable, laptop sized package. Weighing about 13 pounds, the Mindray M5 Ultrasound system is capable of producing brilliant 1D color images with enhanced contrast and spatial resolution through tissue harmonic imaging. Thanks to its easy format, the Mindray M5 can be easily transported and can provide a wide range of application services to meet more medical occasions including in the operating room, out in the field, in ambulances, etc.
High-resolution 15″€inch non-glare screen
i-Touch – one button optimization
Dual and Quad screen imaging
Duplex / Triplex
MBP- Increases resolution and frame rate by 4 times
FTO- Increases soft tissue differentiation
AVI- Distinguish tissue movement from blood flow
i-Station- robust patient management system

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