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Palomar Estelux
Weight : 23,00 kg
Price : USD 2.500,00
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EsteLux Features:

Affordability and Value The Palomar EsteLux combines the latest flashlamp technology with streamlined engineering. It is a highly effective system for hair removal and vascular and pigmented lesion treatments that all physicians can afford. Moreover, the EsteLux Lux Y and Lux R handpieces have a 100,000-pulse lifespan to minimize maintenance costs and increase value.

Multiple Handpieces and Treatment Settings Several easily interchangeable handpieces (see sidebar at left) allow the EsteLux to treat a wide range of hair, pigmented lesions and vascular lesions. You can add more handpieces as you go, ensuring your system won’t become obsolete. In addition, operators can select from several pulsewidth/fluence settings, depending on the type of skin being treated and on whether the goal is longer-term results or faster treatments.

“The EsteLux is a very economical system that gives us results that our patients are pleased with for hair removal and the treatment of sun damaged skin.” Stephen Martin, M.D. Mobile, AL

Long-Pulse Technology with SpectruMax? Filtering The EsteLux spreads each light pulse out over a longer time period than other systems, which allows it to safely pack the pulses with a broader spectrum of light. At the same time, the handpiece extracts heat from the skin for additional comfort and protection. Long-pulse technology and SpectruMax filtering provide better results even at the same power level as other systems.

Photon Recycling and a Large Beam for Increased Efficacy Photon Recycling is a process in which the handpiece captures light reflected out of the skin and delivers it back into the treatment target. This process ? together with the large, deep penetrating beam ? increases the efficacy of each light pulse by delivering more energy to the target area. This is especially helpful in treating thinner, lighter hair.

“The EsteLux has given us the flexibility to serve a wider variety of patients. Our staff and patients are both very impressed with the results.” Debbie Degnan, P.A.-C. Milwaukee, WI

Unrivaled Coverage Rate The system features a high pulse rate and large spot size (up to 16X46 mm). Physicians can treat more patients in less time, maximizing their return on investment.

Compact, Easy-To-Use Design Physicians and other credentialed operators can learn to use the Palomar EsteLux very quickly. Plus, it can be used virtually anywhere. It plugs into a 110 V outlet, takes up little space, and can easily be carried between locations.

“The EsteLux is a definite asset to our practice. The speed and ease of use are undeniable.” Richard Parfitt, M.D. Madison, WI

Backed by an Established Innovator Palomar was the first company to receive clearance for the claim of permanent hair reduction using laser technology, the first to use Photon Recycling, and the first to develop a compact, long-pulse hair removal system. The Palomar EsteLux joins a long tradition of excellence in research and development.

This unit comes with the following:

Palomar Estelux console
Lux Rs hand piece
Lux G hand Piece
Lux Y hand piece
Foot pedal
Power cord
Water fill and drain kit
User manual

For a free demonstration of the EsteLux,

Palomar EsteLux? Specifications

Light Source Xenon Flashlamp

Cooling Contact Sapphire

Wavelength Varies with Handpiece

Spot Size Up to 16 mm x 46 mm (Varies with handpiece)

Fluence Varies with Handpiece

Pulsewidth 10 – 100 ms

Speed Up to 7.4 cm2/sec (Coverage Rate), Up to 1Hz (Pulse Rate)

Light Delivery Direct-Delivery Handpiece

Electrical Requirements 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions 19″ (48 cm) L x 11″ (29 cm) H x 14″ (36 cm) D

Weight 54 lbs. (2.5kg)

This is a 2002 unit that comes with Rs, Y, and G handpieces

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