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Kavo GENTLEray 980
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Kavo GENTLEray 980 diode laser “NEW” open box The GENTLEray 980 diode laser is suitable for the following indications: Abscess, Adenoma, Aphthae, Biopsy, Bleaching (individual tooth), Bleaching (quadrant), Bleaching (fluoridisation), Desensitization, Drainage, Epulis, Extirpation, Fibroma, Fistula, Frenectomy (lip frenulum), Frenectomy (tongue frenulum), Gingivectomy, Gingivoplasty, Hemangioma, Hemostasis, Herpes, Hyperplasia, Implant exposure, Incisions/excisions, Canal sterilisation, Canal sterilisation for periap. defect, Coagulation of the pulp, Leukoplakia, Lichen planus, Mucoceles/ranula, Mycoses, Operculectomy, Papilloma, Periimplantitis decontamination, Pulpotomy, Sulcus expansion, Sulcus sterilisation/periodontology, Vitrification Features: Very easy to operate Touch screen: Large Display Intuitive User Interface 30 Pre-Programmed, individually changeable indication settings Easy surface disinfection Small, handy and easily transported Easy to set up Patented handpiece with variable fibre length Average output up to 6 watts at the fibre tip, Laser Wavelength of 980 nm. Help functions for procedures for every indication All the Possibilities of a Diode Laser High precision surgery and soft tissue management Minimum bleeding enabling a better view in the surgical field Minimized scar formation Minimized postoperative wound pain, scarcely any swelling Decontamination of the irradiated tissue Effective protective from infections The GENTLEray 980 is an air-cooled diode laser with an emission wavelength of 980 nm The device can be used in clinics and private practices and can be transported Comes w/ everything pictured NEW open box buy 1 Yr Warranty

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