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Agfa Structurix D7 Rollpack PB
Weight : 29,00 kg
Price : USD 700,00
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X-ray film AGFA D7 Pb Rollpack 100mm x 90m The most common X-ray industrial fine grain film among the D-series. It is used by equipment manufacturers as the main one in nomograms for evaluating the performance of X-ray machines. Those. indicators of X-ray machines, which were obtained using D7 film, are taken as a standard. Package: Pb Rollpac is a roll pack with a Pb screen (thickness 0.027 mm), opaque, protected from water and oil and grease. No cassettes required, can be cut to any length. Great for tanks, pipelines and other facilities with en. > 100 kV. Roll length - 90 m, film width - 70 mm / 100 mm. It is high-contrast and meets the requirements of class 1 of control sensitivity GOST 7512-82 and the control level of class 'B' GOST ISO 17636-1, corresponds to class C5 film systems according to ISO 11699-1. D7 film registers a wide range of radiation intensities, making it possible to obtain contrast images when translucent areas with different thicknesses and intensities, places with a complex configuration, using X-ray machines or gamma radiation. Purpose - radiographic control: metals (including non-ferrous) welded and soldered joints, plastics, ceramics, rubber cast components and composites steel objects of small thickness Used when: Faster film D8 does not provide the desired sensitivity Work is underway with pulsed and constant potential x-ray machines, radionuclide sources and accelerators. Low activity emitters are used and it is necessary to create maximum performance with proper quality (most often everything is used for light metals and thick steel). It uses high power x-rays or gamma rays to inspect thick, high-density objects. Pb intensifying screens help reduce exposure times. Passes control on multifilm technology when 2+ films are exposed together. This is required to cover differences in object thickness or reduce exposure time. Most often works with Agfa D5 and D4 films. Properties: high sensitivity, fine grain, high contrast; used with many types of x-ray machines; removes glare and reflections; the exposure coefficient D7 is taken as the standard (relative unit 1.0) among the entire line of films of the AGFA Structurix series; the layer does not deteriorate during unpacking, creating a snapshot and during chemical treatments; used in both manual and auto development; antistatic protection. Storage conditions: the best storage temperature t = 4°-24°C; air humidity 50-60%; boxes with film must be placed on the edge, away from the chemical. reagents; radioactive background < 90 nGy/h; at t below 4°C, there are no irreversible changes in the sensitometric parameters of the film, but after such exposure, boxes with film should be opened after they have warmed up to the operating range (t = 4°-24°C). Otherwise, moisture condensation is possible, which may cause inhomogeneities and gluing of the film; if properly stored, the manufacturer gives a guarantee for a shelf life of at least 1.5 years. It is listed on the packaging.

Price for 1 CTN/ 2 Roll/box


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