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Toshiba Nemio 10
Weight : 72,00 kg
Price : USD 2.000,00
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Used in great condition Toshiba Nemio 10 ultrasound machine with 2 transducers. The included transducers are PLM-1204AT 12 MHz and PVM-375AT 3.75 MHz. This machine has a manufacture date of April 2003. Product Description: Toshiba NEMIO 10 Ultrasound System : This flexible compact system delivers superb grayscale image quality, facilitated by the same digital beamformer technology available on all of the Nemio systems. Its ergonomic design provides simplicity and efficiency. And with its highly scalable platform, your diagnostic capabilities can be enhanced to conform to your expanding clinical needs. System Highlights: Touch customizable console Programmable pop-up menus, screen layout and interface 16 user-defined presets User-programmable measurements Convex and linear transducer capability Two active transducer ports, plus two resting ports Read and write zoom Cine memory Floppy disk drive Fully digital continuous beamformer

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