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Denmat Sol Portable Diode Laser
Weight : 7,00 kg
Price : USD 2.000,00
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SOL Laser designed to make laser dentistry easier than ever and an ideal device for both entry-level and experienced laser users, delivering all the power and essential features you demand in a laser.

SOL Laser delivers true portability, power, and precision, along with enhanced ergonomics, a simple interface, and a high-contrast aiming beam designed to make laser dentistry easier than ever. It also happens to be incredibly affordable.

SOL Laser is the ideal device for both entry-level and experienced laser users, delivering all the power and essential features you demand in a laser, but a fraction of the price. SOL combines true portability and superior precision at a value that no other laser can match. Whether you’re upgrading your arsenal, arming your Hygiene team, or simply seeking your first diode, look no further than SOL.

Made in the US to the highest of quality standards and backed by a 2-year warranty, the SOL is a coveted addition to any practice.

We now offer the SOL Portable Diode Laser for treatment such as laser troughing, gingivectomies, perio (LAPT), implant recovery, frenectomy, operculectomy, hyperplasia, incision and drain, and pulpotomy, to name some.

SOL Laser Features and Benefits

    True Portability — Internal battery and the convenient carrying handle allows you to move between operatories for over 3 hours without plugging in, and the contained fiber spool system keeps unwanted cord length out of your way.
    Simplicity — 3 easy-to-use settings designed to simplify your treatment protocols, with an additional Custom setting to address your unique needs. All four settings are completely customizable, making the possibilities endless for the number of saved procedures. VISIBILITY Blue aiming beam enhances contrast on tissue so you know where you’re working, eliminating the confusion associated with red beams.
    Ergonomics — Curved handpiece design provides better access to the posterior in multiple positions and reduces fatigue during longer procedures.
    Single-Use — Disposable tips eliminate the hassle and inconsistency of strip-and-cleave systems and tips are priced attractively, minimizing your cost per patient and maximizing your ROI.


    Easy-to-see blue laser light aiming beam
    Disposable tips available for all of your perio or cutting needs
    Max Power: 3 Watts in continuous laser wavelength mode and 5 Watts in pulse mode


    (1) Diode System with Hand Piece and Optical Fiber
    (1) SOL Wireless Foot Switch
    (1) AC/DC Power Converter
    (1) Operating Key
    (1) Fiber Optic Tips, 400 Micron
    5 pc (25) Single-Use Diode Sheaths for Handpiece
    (3) Pairs of Protective Eyewear
    (1) Safety Sign
    (3) AA Batteries
    Online Training Offer
    25 Single-use Diode Sheaths for Handpiece
    3 Protective Glasses, Safety Sign
    SOL Instructions
    Warranty Information, Extended Warranty Offer

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