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AGFA DX-D100+ Digital Portable XRay
Weight : 580,00 kg
Price : USD 8.900,00
Quantity :
Total : USD

Agfa’s new DX-D 100+ wireless mobile system can be easily moved and operated by a single person, and has a cable-free detector panel that reduces the risk of possible infection, facilitates faster patient handling and increases comfort of use for both patient and operator.

The result is improved efficiency of bedside imaging and streamlined workflow through full integration with your RIS/PACS capabilities.
 Fully motorized, heavy duty solution
Wireless mobility for improved flexibility and infection control
Batteries and configuration provide maximum power and autonomy
Powerful generator reduces exposure times and delivers sharper images
Ergonomic and maneuverable in restricted spaces
MUSICA empowered
MFD: 2016
Condition: Refurbished
AGFA DR14s Wireless Detector
Agfa DX-D 45C Wireless Detector
Battery Charger
Battery PAck for the Detector
Wireless Remote
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